Bluford high blood is thicker book report

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It said that she has moved to Los Angeles to escape that. Hakeem then left, went home, and ate. Hakeem was asleep when he heard Savon going out the window and leaving.

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Hakeem wanted to get down to this and got up and followed Savon. They started going somewhere far from the house. They ended up at a club. Hakeem was able to get in and saw Savon on stage rapping. He then found out that he's been making his money by rapping. Hakeem went to the bathroom and started being picked by some boy and wouldn't let him leave. Hakeem was in trouble intil Savon found him and got him out and back to the house. They talked on the way and Hakeem started saying sorry for thinking he was a thief.

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When they got home they saw that everyone was up freaking out that Hakeem and Savon weren't in bed. Savon got yelled at the most and was on the line to getting kicked out of the house. Savon then the next day made a deal with his dad, which was also one of the times they finally talked, and said that if he worked at the store that his parents would have to see him rapping at the forth of July party at the club.

Hakeem then got a call about Darcy and how she needed to see him very badly. Savon had the money for the ticket to the plane and Hakeem took it and promised to pay him back. Hakeen went to Los Angeles and spent some time there and came back. When he came back he got a package from Anika with a note and some other stuff in it. He read it over and over and then finally threw it away and went on with his life. May 24, Evelyn Arias rated it it was amazing. I really like bluford series book , blood is thicker is probably one of my favorite books from the bluford series.

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  • I would recommend this book for anyone, especially since they are short books but very interesting to read. It will get you into reading so i recommend it. Mar 19, Eric rated it really liked it. If you already know the book and read it. So Blood is thick is maybe if i remeber is the 8th book of the blueford serious.

    So him and Hakeen haven't seen each other for 7 or 10 years. So the author who wrote the book is named by Paul Langan and D. M blackwell they the book. So these 2 are not the creators of the blue ford serious. There like others who wrote the blue ford serious but he wrote this book. So now i going to talk about my claim. So my claim is that the author is uses dialogue, revealing actions and readers know more than the character to show the characters motivation.

    So thats my claim i had 2 claims so i decided to stick these claim together and make on together. The reason why the author is focusing and using dialogue is because he wants you to keep reading the book and also making it interesting for you to read and more stuff. So thats all about my claim theres more but i decided to go to one claim and make it kinda short. Blood is thicker reads like a movie in my opinion. The author was consecrated on the characters more than their action also the dialogue is interesting.

    I got to say Blood is thicker is a really good book like for reals. So Blood is Thicker is down right a really great book. The writing and the dialogue are the best and they keep going. One thing i really hope is that if there was a second or a sequel about this book because the characters and the ending make you want to find more in the book.

    Blood Is Thicker by Paul LanganD. M. Blackwell | Scholastic

    So thats my conclusion about Blood is Thicker. Jan 09, Issac rated it it was amazing. Some parts of it I can really relate to the way Hakeem and Savon used music to get away from everything in their lives. As if the stress and commotion with Hakeem and his family moving in from California. I feel like the author did a great job on really getting in depth on the events of the story.

    Though there are a lot of small events, the author really goes into them with detail. Some major events that had taken place were when they first moved to Detroit. Hakeem had to leave all of his friends from Bluford to go live in Detroit. They family had to move because the father had cancer, and they could not afford to stay where they were at. Once they got to Detroit it wasn't what Hakeem expected. Savon especially because he wasn't how he used to be when they were kids.

    Book Talk: Blood Is Thicker

    Hakeem seemed more responsible than Savon and the whole family always said that they wish Savon was like Hakeem. Savon hated when they said that, it seemed that he even hated Hakeem for it. After Hakeem tried to find out more about why Savon was always out of the house late at night. He thought it had something to do with the robberies downtown. But, it turned out Savon is just a rapper. All pf that money and new stuff that he had was from rapping late at night. I would also like this review if I was the 11th grade English teacher.

    Anika is a girl that Hakeem grew to like. He tries to replace Darcy, his ex girlfriend from back home. The setting of this story took place mostly in Detroit where Hakeem and his family had to move to. Some of the story also took place at Hakeem's Unlces furniture store. Also at Anika's Grandmother's home. They did live in California. The time of this story is modern day. This book was really good in my opinion. It drug me in like the usual Paul Langan books.

    They good into great detail with the small things and I can relate to a lot of things in this book. I really recommend for people to read these books, even if they hate reading because it really does pull you in. I'm looking forward to read more books from Paul Langan. Oct 14, Denise rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviews.

    Blood is thicker by Paul Langan is a good book. If u guess by looking at the title blood is thicker you could probably think it has something to do with family, and it does this book is about Family trying hard to make it through some bad that has occurred. This book is set around Hakeem and his family and the issues they are having. Those are basically all the characters. When he moves there he leaves Darcy and his friends Tarah, Cooper, etc.

    What is he going to do. Well now what is he going to do? He can go with Anika and forget about Darcy, he can comfort Darcy in her time of need, or he can snap from all the confusion and drama. Which will he do…. You will have to read to the end to find out what happens, but trust me when you find out it will be worth the suspense and worth the wait.

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    Maybe I can give you a hint Shelves: fiction , young-adult. Hakeem's father has recently been diagnosed with cancer and has been undergoing treatments for several months. The family could no longer pay their bills and were forced to move to Detroit to live with Hakeem's Uncle James. Hakeem and his cousin Savon used to have a good relationship when they were younger, but since the move to Detroit, Savon has been giving Hakeem the cold shoulder. S "Blood is Thicker" by Paul Langan is a book about a young man named Hakeem who is riddled with family issues.

    A breakout of burglaries in the neighborhood causes Hakeem to worry about Savon. He's been noticing Savon sneak out of the house every night and and he always seems to have new things. One night Hakeem decided to follow Savon to "the club". He found Savon rapping and realized he was very good. When he went to congratulate Savon, he got surrounded by a gang. Savon walked into the bathroom just n time to rescue Hakeem from the gang.

    Hakeem is a strong young man who does everything he can to help his family through hard times. Even though he's struggling in life, he never shows it. Savon is a very angry young man who is constantly judged by his father and doesn't necessarily make wrong decisions, but doesn't do as he's told.

    Anika is Savon's neighbor's granddaughter and is about the same age as the two boys. She can't stand living with her grandmother because she is forced to take care of her. She ends up moving to California to live with her uncle. Hakeem's father is a man who can't work due to his cancer. The story takes place mostly in Detroit. The places that are most frequently mentioned are the laundromat, Hakeem's uncle's house, his uncle's business, Anika's house and "the club".

    What I got out of this book is "don't judge a book by it's cover". I feel the way Savon was treated wasn't fair. We should get to know people before placing judgement. I would recommend this book to teenagers and young adults. I feel this book could relieve people of some stress because some teenagers go though things like this everyday, and it shows someone who overcame it. Oct 15, Shiane Bianca rated it it was amazing. Blood Is Thicker! Now Blood Is Thicker is a very deep book you can end up crying or laughing. There are a lot of characters , themes , conflicts , climaxes , symbols , metaphors , and similies.

    Hakeem is a very smart boy and he is Darcy's boyfriend this story take Blood Is Thicker! Hakeem is a very smart boy and he is Darcy's boyfriend this story takes place in Detroit at his uncle's house. Now you know every story have a conflict in this book the conflict is Hakeem have to leave his girlfriend Darcy and his friends to go live in Detroit.

    Because his dad is sick and his parents can no longer afford their home Anymore. The climax in this story is when Hakeem didn't shoot his cousin Hakeem was going to shoot Savon because he kept picking with him. Themes are very important in a book Blood Is Thicker theme is you should never give up on your family. Hakeem was going to go back to Bluford but , him and Savon talked about there issues and they became the best of friends again. In this essay that I did on Blood Is Thicker I did it different because I put a symbol in it the symbol of this book is a heart. I chose a heart because its a lot of love if you read the book than you would know why I chose a heart.

    There are also a lot of Metaphors and Similies In this book. A similie in this book is "The tears in her eyes were like daggers slicing deep into her heart"A metaphor in this book is " similes turn to frowns ". Clearly I have read a lot of Bluford Series because I be so into them they are wonderful books. I can't stress enough how much I live these books I can't stress enough about how much I think you should read the whole series. I can promise you your going to like them it's going to make you start doing essays on them too. Sep 21, Ihoodpr rated it it was amazing.

    My first book report is on the book Blood is thicker, by Paul Langan. The messages the aurthor is trying to bring is that family is more important then anything in the world. The characters help give the message bye showin how they lost touch but began to become close again when they realize how important they are The discions i disagree with are Savons,he chooses to be with his boys instead of family.

    May 05, Regino Leon rated it really liked it. Blood is Thicker In the beginning Hakeem is breaking up with Darcey and is heading to Detroit because his father who couldn't pay the bills with his cancer. They moved in with his uncle James and his cousin Savon. He hated the place and he wasn't on good terms with his cousin Savon.

    Complete Bluford Series (all 21 books)

    Savon would tease him a lot which made Hakeem wonder why he hated him. Then he over heard about Savons plans on Friday but couldn't hear what they were doing on Friday. The next morning Hakeem was then put to w Blood is Thicker In the beginning Hakeem is breaking up with Darcey and is heading to Detroit because his father who couldn't pay the bills with his cancer. The next morning Hakeem was then put to work at his uncle's store. Later went outside to play his guitar in frustration when a beautiful girl starts talking to him.

    Her name was Anika and she was very flirty with him. The next day a store near his uncles was robbed. He was worried because it sounded kinda like Savon was doing it. After all every time he sneaks out a store is robbed. Eventually Hakeem follows Savon at night and when he does he discovers Savon is actually a rapper. When Hakeem is leaving he heads to the bathroom when he is jumped by freshman looking kids.

    Before he was about to get beat but then he was saved by Savon who then took him home. Characterization Hakeem the main character is a tall kindhearted teenage guy who plays the guitar very well. Darcey was Hakeems ex girlfriend that he loved very much, but had to break up because of the move.

    Anika is a slim and well fit girl who has all the guys wanting her. I would recommend this book to people that like mysteries and a little bit of drama. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

    I read this book called blood is thicker. Is a story about a boy named Hakeem who finds out that his dad is sick of cancer and they can't afford their home because his dad can't work so much anymore. Then he gets the news that he has to leave his friends and girlfriend at Bluford High and he has to go live at Detroit with his family.

    He has a cousin there called Savon and they used to get along pretty good when they were young but once he got there, he knew it had all changed. His cousin seemed I read this book called blood is thicker. Width: pixels Height: pixels. Constrain to simple back and forward steps. Copy code to clipboard. Send email.

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