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An alternative that may ensure production of less polluted food was recently proposed in Japan. Thus, it was proposed to grow vegetables in factories which would eliminate the unpredictable effect of environmental pollution, unpredictable weather, or pests.

Essay on Environmental Pollution

The process would be all computerized, controlling various factors affecting growth. This safe food alternative is proposed by the Ozu Corporation in Tokyo. Would this constitute the future of agriculture? Only time will tell… In the meantime, we are still dealing with food grown on dirty land subjected to various food pollutants, pests, and unpredictable weather! Food pollution risks are everywhere and all we can do is minimize individual exposure to polluted food by informing ourselves and taking action. April 04, Read by users. May 10, Read by users. March 27, Read by users.

Effects of Food Pollution. Causes of Food Pollution There are numerous causes of food pollution. Toxic chemicals can also get into the food in a variety of situations , including: growing of food e. Sources of Food Pollution The sources of food pollution are numerous and hard to identify or exclude from our daily environment.

Exposure to light photons that hit your retinas can disrupt the circadian rhythm of humans and animals. Another effect of light pollution is the inability to see the night sky. This is troublesome to astronomers and anyone wishing to enjoy star gazing.

What Is Food Pollution?

More than a third of the world's population is unable to see the Milky Way. Visual pollution is more than an aesthetic eyesore or undesirable, unattractive views. It can lower the quality of life in certain areas, and have an economic impact on property values as well as personal enjoyment. While visual pollution has a few health or environmental effects, is the pollution that can have detrimental affects.

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Most of the effects impact those living near or in this type of pollution. Visual pollution presents a hazard and alters the community identity. For example, visual pollution can be distracting while driving a vehicle or operating equipment, and can lead to traffic congestion.

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The researchers concluded that in developing countries, garbage is a greater nuisance and health problem than it is a visual pollution issue. Personal pollution is the contamination of one's body and lifestyle with detrimental actions. This may include:. The human and veterinarian products create trace environmental pollutants found in both surface waters and ground waters. Personal pollution gained its own category, but no studies have been made directly assessing personal pollution.

However, there are studies on various types of personal pollution, such as turf fertilizers found in EPA reports on Nutrient Pollution , another type of pollution not commonly reported. The EPA reports nutrient pollution is a challenge since it is a big problem that is spread throughout the U. Excessive phosphorous and nitrogen discharged into the water and air is largely blamed on personal pollution or human activities, such as fertilizers, sewage discharge from treatment plants, animal manure, runoff, pet waste, and more.

Row crop runoff and animal feeding operations are a major cause. Intertwined with other forms of pollution, such as its carriers of air and water and personal pollution, nutrient pollution impacts all of these areas as well as human health.

Air Pollution

Water charged with nutrient pollution can generate algae that overcomes the water systems algae blooms. Shellfish, aquatic and marine life suffer when they absorb the toxins created by algae blooms.

Eating contaminated shellfish or drinking water from this source can make a person very ill and in extreme cases lead to death. Nutrient pollution effects this ecosystem. Littering is a form of pollution that can fall into several other types of pollutions, such as personal, visual, water, and soil. Any type of waste or trash carelessly discarded without proper disposal is the definition of littering. This can include anything from fast-food containers, bottles, paper and plastic packaging, sales receipts, electronic waste, etc.

The type of litter often determines the effect it has on the environment. For example, some litter contains harmful chemicals that can find their way into water and soil. Plastics can harm wildlife that either get trapped in plastic bags , and die, or marine life that consumes small pieces of broken down plastic. The leading national nonprofit Keep America Beautiful reports statistics on the types of litter in the United states. Please, find an example of the essay on the pollution problem that can be used as a guide for your future works on this topic.

Environmental pollution is one of the main threats for our planet. Pollution destroys the living environment and endangers human existence on Earth. No doubt, the economy finds many benefits in technological development. However, toxic emissions due to the work of factories, transportation, construction sites pollute the environment substantially. As the environmental pollution is a broad topic consisting of many sub-issues, there may be many approaches to building the consistent pollution essay. For instance, the pollution essay may concentrate on the various types of pollution, like sound pollution noise pollution , water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution etc.

Each paragraph of the essay will describe the separate type of the environmental pollution.

Essay on a Pollution Problem

Another suggestion is writing the pollution essay that highlights the consequences of pollution problems including the global warming effect, natural resources extinction, health problems of people and animals, the destruction of natural ecosystems, etc. The essay may also describe the causes of the pollution problems.

Each paragraph, then, will be dedicated to one of the five main causes: industrial and technological development, transportation, agricultural activities, trading activities, and residences of people. Once you have selected the issue for the essay, you may draft the outline and move on to the analysis of the research and literature. The statistical data and approaches to pollution examination transform and improve over the time. So it is significant that you base your essay on credible and up-to-date sources.

You may also look online for the essay sample on the pollution topic. However, you are encouraged to perform the research and develop your own paper first.


The essay sample may be used as a practical tool and the structural example to follow. The population of our planet is increasing constantly. The population growth, unfortunately, has many adverse effects, one of which is the pollution problems. Pollution is a process of contaminating the environment in a way that it becomes unsafe to use. The contamination usually occurs through the chemical substances; however is not limited to tangible effects.

The pollution can also take the form of the light, sound noise pollution , or heat. The effects of pollution are devastative. In this light, it is important to explore the various types of pollution and its effects on the environment and human beings. One of the pivotal issues nowadays is the water pollution. The enlargement of the population means more trash and garbage. The rubbish dumps decay and the toxic substances permeate the soil going to the rivers and oceans.