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After pursuing a course, we need to decide whether we wish to pursue another degree or diploma to specialise in the field or whether it is better to start working and gain some experience before going for a course. Building career is a never ending process. We need to learn new skills and improvise continually in order to stay ahead of the competition and build a lucrative career. Life after school is extremely challenging. One needs to take wise decisions and work hard to ensure a good life after school. Setting goals and giving your best shot to achieve them is the key to succeed in life.

It is important to set goals for life after school in order to ensure it moves in a planned and systematic manner.

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Your goals must not be restricted to your higher studies, career and profession. It is important to set goals related to personal life too. It is important to build a career in order to ensure a good lifestyle and a comfortable life ahead. To build a lucrative career, it is important to set both short term and long term goals and work hard to achieve them. The first step towards this is to choose a course that has a good scope in the market. Apart from this, you must also consider your interest and competence. You would not be able to excel in a stream if you are not good at it even if it has a good market value.

This can be done by joining part time courses alongside your main course. This can involve soft skills course, personality development course, courses to enhance analytical and problem solving skills or any course related to your main degree course. It is important to strike a work life balance. You will be advised to focus completely on your studies to build a lucrative career. There will be a lot of pressure and you might want to spend most of your time learning your lessons and looking for ways to perform better than your classmates. However, you need to understand that all work and no play can make you dull.

It would eventually decline your power to concentrate and may even have a negative effect on your health. One of your goals should be to maintain a balance between your studies and your personal life. It is important to rejuvenate amid the hectic study schedule. This is good for the mental as well as physical health.

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Studying continually can lower the ability to learn. This is why it is essential to take short breaks in between. It is also necessary to exercise for an hour each day. Going out with friends every once in a while and spending quality time with family must also be on your list. Goals have the power to streamline things. However, your goals and schedule prepared to achieve the same must not be too stringent. It should be workable and you must work with all your heart to achieve the same. Life after school is an important phase.

There is a lot of learning that one goes through during this time. Our true personality comes out once we are out of school as we are no longer guided and checked at every step unlike the school days. Our parents give us a chance to take decisions independently and this helps us learn and experience many new things. It has its own set of challenges.

With the growing competition and vast amount of syllabus in the higher classes, there is no room for pursuing hobbies. The schedule is strict. Half the day of the school going students is spent in the school. Several things such as self study sessions, coaching classes and preparation for entrance exams needs to be accommodated in the second half.

School going students need to indulge in numerous activities that are lined up back to back. Life after school can offer some respite. Before they join a course or even as they seek admission in college, they can pursue their hobbies. They may join a hobby class or learn it online by spending an hour or two. The constant study pressure and strict schedule deprives the students from attending family functions, spending time with relatives and going on trips with friends.

They can indulge in all this after school. Spending time with family and friends is important for the all round development of a child. As they grow up, they are able to understand these relationships better and begin to value them more than ever. As the months flash by, I pray in vain that time would just stand still, if only for a few moments. I overhear many of my classmates complaining, constantly wishing this year will come to an end so we can finally wave goodbye to secondary school.

For some this is a general distaste for school life; others are caught up in the stress of final-year exams and college places.

Of course, I live for the day that the Leaving Cert is over. However, I feel we are at a crossroads in our lives. Once we make that turn, there is no going back. Our lives will change forever as we all go our separate ways. The last six years of our lives as students will be little more than fond memories. For more than half a decade I have known that most days I would get up, put on the same uniform and go to the same classes.

When I think of college next year, at times I am terrified to think of starting all over on my own, possibly without the friends I have gained here and pray that I keep for life.

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However, I know life is what happens when you step out of your comfort zone, and when the time comes I will rise to the challenge. On the flip side, our lives offer a liberating uncertainty. We are young adults who have yet to experience what the real world has to offer.

None of our destinies is set in stone. Our futures lie in our hands. Who will I marry? Will I ever land my dream job? Will I get my happily-ever-after? Eventually, we will know. Once we find out, we will know forever. Instead of wishing our lives away, we should appreciate the moment we are in and rejoice in the uncertainty. After all, in this one moment of time, you are the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be again. I will miss my life as a student.

The nagging for homework from teachers will disappear. But so too will the care and dedication they have given over the years and that I appreciate immensely. I feel blessed to have had such great teachers to whom I owe so much, such as Adrienne Gill, who has nurtured and developed my love for English. Many of us who go on to further studies will be met by lecturers teaching in enormous halls. With the sheer volume of students, lecturers might fail to learn your name and will be indifferent to you missing work. Right now, subjects are varied in a way I will miss.

Next year, as I hope to focus on science, I will sorely miss the opportunity to dissect a heart, discuss the poetry of Plath, learn a foreign language and discuss my personal thoughts and feelings in essays, all in a single day. I will miss my circle of friends. Throughout the last few years they have been a constant source of support.

My Leaving Cert: Goodbye secondary school, hello fast-changing world

I know change is inevitable. How could I possibly make a decision about a college that I felt would establish the trajectory of my future Finally, I will explain how prevention programs put in place for our youth can decrease the number of high incarcerations. Get your butt down here right this instance! We still have so much to do, and many miles ahead of us. You know this is the day that will change all of our lives forever. A lex was nuzzled in his comfy twin bed with his leg hanging out of his red and blue superman sheets. He rolled over on his back, and pressed his soft blue pillow over his eyes to shield them from the morning sun that pierced through the partially raised window blinds Better Essays words 5 pages Preview.

Students should have to chance to prove their worth to schools and show how responsible they can be as adults. When students go to college classes as high schoolers they sometimes tend to have more free time during those times. If a child has enough responsibility to take those classes they should have enough to leave school and be trusted to come back to school after their free time is over. Although leaving school early is not something that is smiled upon it should be because some students are ahead and can work their schedule to allow extra time because of hard work in early years Better Essays words 3 pages Preview.

Cursive handwriting is an important aspect of a proper education and should be brought back to the school curriculum for the benefit of the students. As a child in elementary I was taught to write in cursive right along with basic handwriting, and It was a mandatory part of the public school curriculum at the time Parents choose to home school their children for a large variety of reasons.

The most popular reasons for this decision include dissatisfaction with the current education system, religious freedom in education, and personalized education for certain skillsets. Home school educations grew in popularity as the Internet became more prevalent in culture Jack, after graduating high school, joined the British military and became a Naval Commander. Ralph, recognizing his leadership qualities, knew that even though they failed him on the island, if he fixed his flaws, eventually he could obtain a larger leadership role in society Good Essays words 1.

Of that number about half of them are African American, followed by Caucasian and then the other minorities. There are many problems facing these children that are placed in the foster care system. Of course the obvious is that they need a place to live while they are under the age of eighteen also that they need love and support from the people that are around them. Also, school begins at 9am or and even some begin at Not to mention, there is the overload of homework. Last but not least, tests are the hardest thing high schoolers have to deal with This is especially true for the parochial schools in the Diocese of Davenport due to the increased enrollment that they have seen in the past years.

Running out of space only makes the issues more complex to resolve. The issues that are present in the K-8 buildings in the Diocese of Davenport are the exploratory curriculum, libraries, the transition from the K-8 school to high school, extra-curricular activities, and professional development The loyalty that these stakeholders show towards the school impacts the school in many different ways. Educators show their loyalty to the school differently than that of a local business or parent of a student. Educators will put in longer hours, staying after the final bell and coming in early before school.

The educator maybe tutoring students, attending committee meetings or coaching an extra-curricular activity for the school Students achieve their basic training of education and life from their school. They come in contact with new people, experience different cultures and create new habits and ideas. Entering to a new school is extremely difficult especially when they move from a different country, they are leaving their friends and family and entering a whole new environment.

My parents decided that I should get a better education, so they decided to move to U. S after I finished my 5th grade in India There have been some very derailing moments of my middle school as well as my high school life. As a diligent and hardworking student who kept my parents cheeks puffed up, I always did my best to maintain a high academic standing in school.

Irrespective of my efforts, I had a few primary hindrances which could have retarded my maximum output at certain courses of my educational life. These heart breaking events published in sequels and series. I would like to take this opportunity, touching the surfaces of their genesis, highlighting salient points and finally driving to conclusion how I was able to pull through these inhibitory factions of my He believe that students should not just learn the content, but that students should be the center of education.

Teachers can help create the whole person by developing relationships with the students and managing their classrooms. Also teacher-to-teacher collaboration is essential for student growth Per this study, the results show that school violence is an ongoing issue, and shows a lot of cause for concern. CDC, 5. That number represents the number of students across America that have dropped out of high school, today alone Camera.

But what does it truly mean to drop out of high school. Most would consider dropping out as abandoning their education without getting a degree. However, experts say that dropping out includes receiving a General Education Development, or GED, which allows the owner to graduate earlier than their graduation date Paulson. Neither one of these options is the smartest choice, and researchers continue to attempt to find ways to lower the drop out rates Just like a businessman puts a suit on when attending an important meeting, some students become more serious about their projects and assignments at school when putting their uniforms on.

While individuality is an important thing, many people are constantly ridiculed not because of personality-based traits but because of the pattern on their t-shirt, or their pants not being the perfect fit for them I learned after leaving high school that I was merely memorizing the material being taught as opposed to actually comprehending what was being placed in front of me by the teachers. I made decent grades and always completed my work on time Three months before the beginning of my junior year of high school, I was told news that would most certainly change my life forever.

I was just sixteen and on my way to being a mother. When the doctor came into the room and told me that I was going to have a baby, a rush of thoughts came pouring into my head: how will my parents feel and react. What about finishing school and starting college. What am I going to do Since that time the estimated dropout rate has become stagnate, leaving about 1.

Vista, is a north county San Diego city nestled between the well known, touristy, Carlsbad and the industrial Escondido. Vista is predominately Hispanic with a few Islander nations sprinkled in. Raised in a city as such has shaped my acceptance of cultures. Seeing the seamless clash all throughout my life proved that it is possible to get along. There was no race war or culture dominance. With a few exceptions of course. I started off by going to an elementary school based around the arts, Vista Academy of Visual and Performing Arts Mass school shootings have become an immense problem in America in the past few decades.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of cases of school shootings and this is becoming a problem in society and a problem for school children and staff.

Farewell Speech for a Tenth Standard Student Who Is Leaving School Life Essay Example

There are too many people who are able to map out a plan and shoot innocent school children. Too many lives are being taken due to school shooters and America as a whole needs to come up with a plan to stop such crimes There are three main misconceptions that will be addressed here. These misconceptions are: the misconception of parental choice in selecting a school; more qualified teachers with the most current teaching knowledge; and the myth that private schools are more successful than public schools.

Many proponents of a nationwide standardized voucher program argue that such a system will provide parents and students with the opportunity to choose the school in which the child will attend Strong Essays words 3. My belief is that all schools should have the same core values for education and all schools should treat pupils equally. The core values all schools should have are: putting the pupils first, using a range of teaching strategies, and an increased amount of practical activities.

The purpose of a school is to educate children, for that reason the progress of the pupils learning should be the upmost priority If so what should you cover at each level. In this day children are learning more and more at such a young age, some children even sound like adults when they speak because they are so advanced.

With that said I think that sex education should begin to be taught at a younger age. Young minds are very curious. Powerful Essays words 4. Instead, this felt like a moment of impulse where I needed to let this secret out. Even though I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and I knew my parents would likely accept this, I remained terrified of their reaction and the reactions of everyone around me.

The main reason I had the courage to come out was because I knew I would get a fresh start two months later when I started college 2, miles away from everyone I knew Everything changed that eventful afternoon when my mother told me that we were moving. I remember feeling confused, not knowing what the move entails. It was a rainy first day of school This crime is known as one of the most deadliest school massacres in the United States history Pittaro. Harris and Dylan B.

Klebold placed a decoy bomb in a field; they had set the bombs to explode at to distract police officials This day was going to start the rest of my educational history.