Essay on why should we study history

Footnotes should be numbered and should either appear at the bottom of the page on which they are cited or in a list at the end of the essay. They should include the following information:. If you have Microsoft Office, the simplest way to insert a footnote is by going to the references section on the tool-bar and then following the instructions above.

If you are using an earlier version of Office, you should click on insert and then select footnote from the list.

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A bibliography is the list of books that you have used to help you write your essay. This may include books that you have quoted from or used as part of your reading. You should always include a bibliography at the end of your essay which lists the books that you have used. You can use the same format as you would for footnotes. Below is a sample to show you how it should look. Swanton, M ed J. Another option to make sure you have referenced correctly is to use the simpler Harvard system. This may be a preferred method for the writing of normal class essays, although for a personal study, the use of traditional footnoting is still recommended.

Harvard referencing uses the author and the date of the work in the main body of the text, and then has a reference list at the end of the essay which contains the references cited in alphabetical order by author. The reference list contains the full details of the book or journal cited. Because you only refer to a shortened form of works in the main essay author, date your essay doesn't get filled with too much reference material. Within the last ten years, teachers who have attended INSET courses have reported that the courses have helped to increase their competence and confidence in using IT see, for example, Higham and Morris, ; ESRC , yet despite the fact that the passing years have presented opportunities for more teachers to increase their skills in IT, weaknesses identified by McCoy seem to be still evident Gillmon, ; Goldstein This suggests that we need to look for explanations other than attendance at INSET courses for the reasons for the apparently poor state of teachers' competence and confidence in IT.

In this text the author is citing entire works by other researchers to support her argument. One resource provided in the secondary speech genre is the "posited author" Bakhtin, , p. Here the quotation is a direct one so a page number has been added. Quotations of no more than two sentences can be incorporated into the main text and marked off with quotation marks, but if you quote a longer passage it must be placed in a separate paragraph and indented from the left and right margins of the main text.

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Historical Periods A-level topic guides Transition to university Careers with history Competitions. More Close. Melanie Jones, last updated: 20th June Add to My HA Add to folder. Are you moving on to study history at university? Tell them what you've got to tell them the middle Step 3: The conclusions. Present your evidence in a logical order : Try to avoid jumping around. Make a plan before you write that organizes your evidence logically.

This could either be in themes or in chronological order.

Why Do We Study History

Include analysis: You must make sure that you don't just fall into the trap of presenting evidence without analysis. This reads more like a list! When presenting a piece of evidence or the view of a historian, don't forget to critically analyse. Is the evidence reliable? Is the view of the historian reliable or are they writing from a specific viewpoint? Are there different interpretations? What do you think? Is it a valid point? Refer often to the title: Don't forget to link your points back to the question where possible.

It will help your essay and your reader stay focused on the answer to the question! How to Structure Paragraphs: It is important to structure your points within the scaffolding of the paragraph well. A good example of this is when a student was writing about the Golden Age of Spain: "In conclusion, the extent to whether this period can be deemed as a "Golden Age" ultimately rests on the context of the time.

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More essays like this:. Not sure what I'd do without Kibin. Exactly what I needed. Most helpful essay resource ever! Generating Preview This preview is partially blurred. Sign up to view the complete essay.

IELTS Essay Ideas: Is History a Waste of Time

Show me the full essay. This is the end of the preview. Sign up to view the rest of the essay. In my opinion, studying history has a signicant importance not only in the present but also in the future generation of our society. June 13 writing task 2: the statement given went something like this — a huge number of accommodation and transportation facilities emerge in big cities nowadays thus the government is asking the business sectors to relocate their businesses in rural areas.

To what extent do you agree or disagree? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi, my name is Elizabeth Liz. History is a Waste of Time Most people memorise dates, names and facts when they study history.

This information is not useful in everyday life or for the future. However, the same mistakes are made again and again which makes history irrelevant to learn for the future. Each historical event has different perspectives. For this reason, it makes learning history a waste of time because events can also be interpreted in a different way which makes what we learn in history less valuable.

Many school curriculum have been set and are rarely changed. That curriculum includes little current history which is the only type of history that helps people understand the world they currently live in. History is Important History helps young people understand their own culture and how their culture and country have evolved. History gives identity and helps unify people.

It gives people a sense of roots and belonging. History teaches people what their forefathers experienced and suffered in the past in order to make their country what it is today. History teaches us about travesties which have occurred in the past, such as the Holocaust. History helps us understand change. It records and helps people understand successes and failures. Through these studies people can learn about change and how others are affected by it.

It shows patterns of behaviour or events in the past and their outcome which can help us avoid similar outcomes in the future. Learn about the past often gives a glimpse of the future. It shows a path of development that will continue past the present and into the future. Valuable information can often be found in history, such as traditional medicines. Learning about past lifestyles and techniques used by people in the past can hold the secrets to remedies or cures no longer used.

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Hi Liz, how are you? Thanks in advance So many times one can hear that the study of history is pointless.