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Stevenson, which is accepted as the best novel of the R. Stevenson, first published in and in a real short time sold nearly 40, copies in Britain. The mystery of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is revealed by the testimonies of Mr. Enfield, Mr. Utterson, Dr. One day, with the help of Dr.

Edward Hyde, is the heir of the Dr. Jekyll but a few witnesses who saw this man just talk about the irritating evil energy that transpires through his being. First Dr. Jekyll just says that Mr. Hyde is a friend of his. Then when Mr. Hyde is being suspected of murder , the mystery starts to be revealed.

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Lanyon tells that, Jekyll and Hyde are the same person. Jekyll confesses that, to separate the good and evil sides of his nature, he found a transforming drug.

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This drug brings the evil side of Dr. Jekyll, Mr Hyde, out. Hyde completely and irreversibly. Jekyll to an end. The purpose in writing this thesis is to examine the external and internal factors that bring the good or the evil side of a man out. After a while, these relationships -that are far from the sincerity- starts to awaken the wrath hidden in once bourgeois scientist Dr. Jekyll and starts to pull him away from his luxuriant life to an old and a small bedroom which gets colder and darker every night with the greatest regrets of a young scientist and burns up and brighten with the evil desires and wraths of an evil man.

And Dr. Jekyll sometimes appears as a crying and regretting young scientist and sometimes as a murderer, as Mr. Hyde, who is full of evil desires to kill, to destroy his gentle and caring side by killing him-like gentle persons. Added to that by naming as external, not just the insincere relationships in the Victorian Age society is meant to be expressed, also the social and cultural state of the society is going to be expressed too.

And undoubtly by naming as internal factors, the psychology and the traumatical depression of the Dr. Jekyll is meant. At that time poverty in the country decreased and technology developed in a great amount. However in Victorian England, there were no equality in the society and every person was belonging to a different class.

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Victorian Era has a few leading features that made it famous and valuable for the authors and poets. In Victorian society, there were social classes, and aristocrats -noble and wealthy ones- were on the top. Aristocrats -like Dr. Jekyll and his friends- were living a life full of fun, luxury and insincerity. By the time passes, radical social traditions and the development in the areas of poetry, literature and art had been crushed under the insincere relationships of these aristocrats.

Aristocrats always had a different understanding of life than the rest of the society. The social, economical and cultural difference among these social classes is also given in the novel by the detailed descriptions of Edinburgh, where the story takes place and also birthplace of R. L Stevenson. In the novel, Edinburgh city is described by dividing the city into two distinct parts. First part is the old, historical part of the city where poor people live in. This part of the city is generally portrayed as a place that is full of slums and with the darkest fears.

This section of the city is also described with the common places for the poor part of the society of the Victorian Age and also these detailed descriptions set light to the hypocritical, disgusting and the cruel morality of the Victorian Age. And the second part of the city often come to life within the spacious and modern streets of the city.

Aristocrats were generally looking alike when it comes to the personality. Jekyll and his friends belong to the upper-class and they have nearly all of the qualities listed above, like living a luxurious life, never thinking about the rest of the society and the country and being materalistic. These detailed descriptions also prove the peaceful and luxurious life style of the aristocrats. Moreover, through the novel, this wealthy life style is also stated in the narratives of the Dr. These narratives show us the economical and social state of the Dr.

Jekyll and also give us informations about the earlier life of Dr. These narratives help us to imagine Dr. Jekyll as a true aristocrat indeed. In an age and a social and economical state like that, Dr. Jekyll noticed that, he was increasingly getting further away from sincerity and becoming a selfish and a greedy beast.

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Victorian Age had a great impact on the society psychologically. Jekyll was belonging to the aristocrats but by the time passes he also had been a part of the psychological revolution rising in the society. With the help of the discovery that he had made, Dr. Jekyll finally discoveres a way to release his natural and depressed identity. Jekyll finds a way to express his anger which had been depressed by himself to carry on his luxurious and selfish life style. Jekyll was a key that would carry Dr. Jekyll to his dreams. In fact, Dr. Jekyll symbolizes the desire of social revolution awakened in the society in the Victorian Age.

Victorian Age had a great influence on Dr. Jekyll and brought his natural and pure desires, his good and evil sides out. Indeed, Dr. Jekyll symbolizes the wrath arised, towards the aristocrats, in the society and the main reason that brought Mr. Hyde out was also this irresistible wrath. From one aspect, Dr. Jekyll is a respectable aristocrat who can not abandon his luxurious life and on the other hand he is the symbol of the psychological revolution and the metamorphosis of the society.

We can say that, Dr. Jekyll had suffered psychologically and had experienced a deep trauma after noticing he lived a pointless and a hollow life in fact. Because of the insincere behaviours he had, to carry on his valuable position in the society, he had been pushed into a psychological trauma which ended with a kind of physical dementia.

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In fact, the situation that Dr. Jekyll struggles in, is actually a kind of reckoning with his own being. Jekyll actually questions his own being and tries to find an answer to his hypocritical nature.

The Victorian London setting is important because it is what pushes Jekyll into making Hyde. Jekyll is repressed by his lifestyle as a rich doctor, it is only as Hyde that he can do what he actually wants and so he creates Hyde. This image is built up further with his comparison to the minotaur, a monstrous beast that was used to control and terrorise the Greek town of Minos. Hyde similarly terrorises the occupants of London as he will trample and destroy any who get in his way — the little girl and Sir Carew.

You never know when the minotaur or Hyde might appear to hurt you. Setting then becomes a metaphor for the playground of evil. Setting is also important as Stevenson often uses dramatic epithet to show a change in the mood of a scene to show that something is about to happen.

It hides Hyde literally and cloaks the shady characters of the night. In the final chapters of the novel the fog becomes a horrible storm, rain lashes and the streets are empty. This adds a sense of foreboding as we know something is going to happen the streets are too physically quiet of people as if something bad is about to happen. Setting here was used to suggest and hint that the plot was about to take a turn for the worst. Hello, Ms Davidson. What you have written is eminently readable, and so I hope it is OK by you that I copy and paste it into a Word document for the boys to read.

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