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This document provides evidence reasoning why many American workers had anti-Chinese. Recruitment Recruitment is seeking and attracting qualified candidates for a position in an organization.

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The process begins with determining that there is a need to be filled within the organization. Once the need has been identified a job analysis should be performed unless it has already been done, such as in the case of filling a vacated position.

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Once the organization has determined what the ideal candidate should include, candidates need to be sourced. In the past, sourcing potential candidates. This particular cartoon deals with several major economic principles, such as the idea that people face tradeoffs Raj. To illustrate, in society, there is a tradeoff between efficiency and equity. Efficiency means society is getting the most it can from its resources, whereas equity is distributing economic prosperity fairly among the members of society. Economics is essentially the way we organize and use our resources.

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It determines the way a country or province runs and how it works. Since resources are depleting and critical to the livelihood of many, questions of ethics arise when deciding how to allocate these resources. Without ethics, economics inevitably becomes all about greed and consumption, instead of the greater good of the people. In this cartoon, a man who is representing the unemployed in America is asking the U. Nation Building Shop if those without jobs can be fixed next.

However, the government is currently working on Afghanistan, and cannot help them. Basically, this cartoon is saying that the government is more concerned with another country than with its own people. A variety of sources can act as propaganda. Texts like newspaper articles or editorials, letters or petitions, and essays can all be forms of this extremely persuasive speech.

Propaganda can be visual or auditory as well.

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Cartoons, posters, songs, speeches, radio, television broadcasts, and even graffiti can be forms of propaganda. Structure is the overall format or organization of the source. As you analyze a source, its organization can help you better understand the information presented to you. Each type of propaganda will have a distinct structure.

For example, the way an author organizes information in a political cartoon will be much different than a propaganda poster or a speech. Purpose is the reason a source was created. Historical texts typically have one of three purposes:. The purpose of propaganda can be tricky. On the surface it may look like the purpose is to inform or to entertain, but a closer examination of the item will reveal its true goal: to persuade.

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To examine these cartoons, look at both the images and the words. The images and the words are the structure of the cartoon; together they reveal the message and purpose. Usually, political cartoons are usually a combination of text and images. For additional information about analyzing a cartoon, look at the Cartoon Analysis Guide from the Library of Congress. Kairos, attention to the right time and place for an argument, is perfectly executed in this single frame cartoon.

By focusing his cartoon on such a hot topic in the news, he is able to catch the attention of his audience composed of a variety of people.

Moving on to the next element, Rogers uses doxa in an interesting way. While he understands the beliefs of his audience during this moment in time and history, instead of agreeing the views most Americans today have on the whole issue, he uses it as a reference point to his actual point of reminding people of past religious extremist groups that functioned the same way ISIS does today.

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In terms of the three rhetorical strategies, the political cartoon portrays logos, ethos, and pathos very well. With logos, reason was reached through his reference to two historical events due to past religious extremists in Burma and Europe with the Inquisition. Lastly with ethos, he was able to solidify his credibility through his knowledge of these three religions by his clever representation of each one. Showing them at a bar, he has the Prophet Muhammad eating peanuts and drinking club soda due to the inability to intake alcohol, Buddha having a cup of tea to symbol the calm and peaceful of who he is, and Jesus drinking wine and eating bread to symbolize the blood and body of Christ some Christians partake in during church.

By establishing basic knowledge of each religion including their main influential figure, and their beliefs, Rogers is able to build trust with his readers and gain credibility.