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Since they were potentially valuable, women [End Page ] were commonly taken prisoner as part of the spoils of war. Brodman, deal with what happened to prisoners of war. In contrast to the common image of Saladin as a merciful victor, Lev characterizes his treatment of POWs as "callous.

Brodman closes this section with a discussion of the rhetoric that surrounded the ransom of captives taken during crusading expeditions in the Iberian peninsula. Ryan provides an account of the changing relationships between the Latin and Armenian churches during the crusading period. Paul L.

Sidelko follows with an essay on the taxation of the Muslim population in the crusader states, while Reuven Amitai examines the unsuccessful attempt of Edward I of England to establish an alliance with the Mongol ruler of Iran, Ilkhan Abagha against the Mamluks. Adam Knobler closes this group of papers with an intriguing essay on series of attempts between the thirteenth and the seventeenth centuries to use Jews as instruments in Christian holy wars against Islam. Two papers, one by Annetta Ilieva, the other by Andrew Jotischky, comprise the third part of the collection.

Ilieva examines the accounts of relations between Latin and Eastern Orthodox Christians in Cyprus, while Jotischky deals with the evidence for the growing hostility between the Latin and Greek churches in the crusader states that appears in a treatise by Gerard of Nazareth on St. Mary Magdalene. The book closes with two final papers that consider two different perspectives on the themes of tolerance and intolerance that medieval intellectuals provided.

James Muldoon looks at the distinctions that medieval canon lawyers drew between different types of religious toleration. Impact of dbq crusaders reach jeru m from a set scenes main reason for failure second crusade was lack effects why people went on level history marked by teachers com motivations administration and cultural influence prewrite paragraph categories east meets west brief analysis two strengths weaknesses first document based bernard hamilton prize armacad. Causes video lesson transcript paper assignmentlab essay.

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Skip to page:. The Solitary Reaper Badges: 9. Report Thread starter 11 years ago 1. Which do you think is a better way to write an essay? I'm asking generally and specifically because I'm struggling with the planning of a piece of coursework.

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Chronologically would obviously be discussing seperately, in order of their happening, events and then binding them together; thematically would be grouping the discussion into factors ie economic, political. Not what you're looking for? Report 11 years ago 2. Chronological is how you would write a piece of GCSE coursework, where narrative is important. This is not how you should write A Level and degree level essays, you should be analytical and this almost exclusively relies on a thematic discussion. Report Thread starter 11 years ago 3.

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Original post by Chronological is how you would write a piece of GCSE coursework, where narrative is important. FadeToBlackout Badges: Report 11 years ago 4. Chronological will lead to "And then this happenned because of Report Thread starter 11 years ago 5. Report 11 years ago 6. I've had the same problems and through AS we tended to be given a choice whether to write the essay chronologically or thematically.

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Writing it chronologically is a much simpler format, and is perhaps better if you don't really understand the content well, or aren't familiar with it within a wider context. Structuring it thematically is a more sophisticated approach to essay writing and it's best to at least try and do it this way, even if it doesn't get as good a grade as it might have done.

It just shows that you can take other factors in to consideration and are aware of links between things. I always find that the economic and political factors link together well, and tend to talk about the social and cultural factors together too.

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It's quite a hard technique to get right to be fair as it requires a much more analytical approach to pick out relevant points than you'd need to if writing chronologically. Quick Reply. Submit reply.

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